Sight Navitron RX 3+1 set

€ 84,99

Bite alarms8 tone, 8 volume (including silent) and 5 sensitivity modesColorsRed, green and blueWaterproof100%White Running and afterglow LED 15 seconds (left), colored Running LED rightSpecial coating: black satin smooth finishNight lighting in the transparent rollers (easy on/ off)8 magnets, at 4 positions in the rollerSealed circuit board2.5mm jack connection that is connected to the running/ afterglow LEDDistinction in sound for a run or dropping runThe connected pendant or swinger will continue to 'follow-on' for 15 secondsBoth the receiver and the bite alarms work on 3 AAA batteries (including)Alarm at low battery level

OTHER SPECIFICATIONS:3 bite alarms plus a wireless receiverDelivered in a strong plastic transport caseAll bite alarms are equipped with stainless steel snag ears, which you screw on or offThe bite alarms and receiver are classified as class 4, therefore they can be used in any type of weatherDelivered including manualTwo year warranty